Process Control (Foxboro DCS) Application Engineer

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Beaumont, TX
Job Type
Direct Hire
Jan 15, 2019
Job ID
Primary Job Functions:
• Develop and provide support for basic process control applications using basic application engineering skills such as point configuration, loop tuning, and identification of process dynamics
• Maintain and modify existing process control applications and operator interfaces
• Identify and develop new control schemes to increase process safety, operability, and profitability
• Provide process control support during project development, installation, and startup
• Participate actively on unit operating team including molecule management, unit trouble-shooting and incident investigations
Job Requirements:
• BS Chemical Engineering or equivalent degree
• >5 Years’ experience in advanced process controls
• Relevant work experience in a manufacturing/operating plant environment
Preferred Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
• Demonstrated experience with regulatory and advanced controls of manufacturing processes
• Experience with DMC and/or Real-Time Optimizer
Knowledge of Foxboro DCS required
• Able to demonstrate initiative, teamwork, accuracy, effectiveness, and self confidence
• Excellent trouble-shooting skills
• Graduate degree in process control or mathematics related fields is a plus